The Nintendo Switch Mysteries: Unaswered Questions Before Purchasing The Console

The Nintendo Switch Mysteries: Unaswered Questions Before Purchasing The Console
Nintendo is definitely getting off on the right foot with the Nintendo Switch, but that does not mean the public’s curiosity has been quenched. There are still several questions that need to be answered before the upcoming console can be a considered for success. Photo : gameranx/YouTube

When the Wii U was released, there was a bit of confusion about what the console could actually do. This is the very reason that several members of the gaming community have given as to why the device was ultimately and relatively not a success. And it is this that mistake that Nintendo is now trying to fix with the Switch.

The Nintendo Switch has been well publicized and the general public knows what the device is capable of - at least on a shallow level. But despite the company's efforts, there are still questions surrounding the device, which have not been answered. Granted, the bigger picture is clear, but to a gamer thinking about whether or not to invest money on the console, the smaller details need to be revealed.

As Polygon notes, one of the more vital missing details is just how the Nintendo Switch will have online connectivity. It has been confirmed that an online multiplayer mode will be made available by the end of the year, but it is not clear how much these online services will cost. Moreover, it is unclear how the company will roll out its line of free-for-a-month classics.

Another special feature which Nintendo has been making available for its current consoles, but is not clear about the Switch, is backward compatibility. It is already evident that physical versions of older games cannot be played with the upcoming device, but whether or not the company will allow digital crossovers has not been confirmed. Whether or not the company's older library will be accessible is an unanswered question.

There are definitely some important questions that Nintendo has failed to answer when it comes to the Switch, but it cannot be denied that the company is leaps and bounds beyond its previous media handling. The reveal trailer alone, which has now been watched millions of times, was able to clearly showcase what the device could do. More importantly, it was able to clearly illustrate that the console could be home docked, portable and shared.

But following the trailer, there was the Nintendo Switch Presentation, where the company answered a lot of the bigger questions surrounding the game. It was revealed, as Mirror UK notes, that the console would be released on march 3, for example. It was also confirmed that it would retail for about US$300 and that it would play games from cartridges.

The battery life of the Nintendo Switch was also revealed, which is vital because the unit can morph into a portable console. According to the company, the device can play from two to six hours of gameplay, depending on the power necessary for the game title. More importantly, however, it is not an impressive number.

What is great about the unit, however, is that it is the first console from Nintendo in years that is not region locked. So a European gamer can pick up a game from Japan without fear that the title will not be played on his Europe-bought console. Hopefully, the company will reveal more details as the release date inches closer.

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