Microsoft To Cut More Jobs This 2017

After the controversial lawsuit filed by its former employees, Microsoft is once again on hot seats as reports come out about the company's plans to lay-off more of its people in the near future. Sources say that Microsoft's HR department has already allotted a number of conference halls where approximately 700 people will be laid-off. It's worth noting, though, that this number is but a fraction of the alleged worldwide layoffs that the company has planned for. It was said that about 2,850 job cuts have been planned in the fourth quarter of last year.

Microsoft's Job Termination Streak

Microsoft's workforce accounts for approximately 120,000 employees worldwide and this number has been boosted when the company took over LinkedIn for $26B. This brought in about 5,000 people from the acquired company. Nevertheless, Neowin says that this shakeup won't be affecting LinkedIn.

As for the job terminations rumors faced by Microsoft, it isn't something new. The company has been through some job cuts in the past years with the most recent one being the talked-about shut down of their Skype London office. That incident took away 400 jobs from Microsoft's workforce.

Microsoft Sued By Employees

As mentioned above, job cuts aren't the only thing that has put Microsoft in the headlines recently. Apparently, two of their employees are filing a lawsuit against the company. These two employees say that their jobs obliged them to watch horrific media that they claim to have led to their PTSD or post-traumatic stress disorder.

According to sources, these employees were part of the company's online safety team which requires them to go over different media that involves murder, child porn and bestiality, so they can decide whether the said horrendous content should be removed or taken to the authorities. The problem with the job is that Microsoft allegedly failed to brief the employees about it and the company also allegedly failed to provide the psychological support that the workers needed. Needless to say, Microsoft's employee dilemma is but a combination of the lawsuit and the job-cutting plans that the company has for the coming months.

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