Samsung Galaxy S4: Will It Sway You From Your iPhone 5 Or Galaxy Note 2?

The Samsung Galaxy S4 isn't even out yet, but everyone is wondering how it will stack up against the other high-end smartphones that have been dominating the market. Will the Samsung Galaxy S4 beat out the highly successful Samsung Galaxy Note 2, for example? Will it sway Note 2 users from their phone to get the "next big thing," as Samsung refers to its Galaxy S4?

What about those who love their iPhone 5? Will they move on from the iPhone to a Samsung Galaxy S4? Or maybe even finally get in on the hype about the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and go that route instead?

This is why we're delighted to discover BREATHECast has compiled a fine analysis of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, iPhone 5 and forthcoming Samsung Galaxy S4 that brings all of these phones together in a showdown to electrify any phone enthusiast.

When it comes to screen size, we've got an interesting situation, because the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 boasts a much bigger screen than the iPhone 5 (5.5 inches as opposed to the iPhone 5's 4 inches), which means folks would likely hold onto their Note 2 over iPhone 5, being that a bigger screen means easier viewing.

But, as BREATHECast points out, a larger screen for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 in comparison to the iPhone 5 also means it could be harder to use the Note 2 — you often need both hands, for example — when it comes to the interface.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2's processor is twice as fast as the iPhone 5's and has more RAM, with double the battery size (3100mAh). The iPhone 5 is still something special, though, with 8 hours of battery life for talk time (read: the whole day). Of course, with the Note 2 having 35 hours of talk time battery life, the iPhone 5 here is good, while the Note 2 is great.

BREATHECast continues noting the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 runs on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, while the iPhone 5 runs on iOS6, which the site claims has been deemed more popular by the public.

"Apple's App Store has apps that tend to be more polished and with a more pleasing appearance," BREATHECast continues.

The question then remains that with these great features for both the iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, will people be up for getting rid of their devices in favor of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S4?

As BREATHECast reminds us, with its larger screen and battery, the Samsung Galaxy S4 definitely beats out the iPhone 5 in some important ways. Especially when it comes to some of the fantastic features of the Galaxy S4, like its "new 'hovering' hand technology," as BREATHECast puts it:

"This new feature is supposed to let the user wave their hand a few inches over the top of the screen and it will be able to navigate for it."  

On the flipside, though, the iPhone 5 does have what many believe to be a better design, which is somewhat sleeker-looking, according to BREATHECast. The fact that the Samsung Galaxy S4 is also made of plastic may keep some from moving on from their iPhone 5, as well.

"So in summary," BREATHECast concludes, "the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has bigger display and battery, storage and processor. The Apple iPhone 5 has better price tag, looks, design and the camera with better photos in low light and faster image capture.  

"The Galaxy S4 has a bigger screen, better battery and potentially revolutionary features. In the end it comes down to which operating system you prefer, Android or iOS."

What do you think? Are you ready to move on from your iPhone 5 to a Samsung Galaxy S4 or maybe even to a Samsung Galaxy Note 2? Or are you ready to give up your Note 2 for an S4 (or iPhone 5)? Let us know in the comments below!

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