Horizon Zero Dawn Updates: Game Will Have No Microtransactions

PS4 Owners have a lot of titles to look forward to this year like Hideo Kojima's Death Stranding and Guerilla Games' Horizon Zero Dawn. Good news for anyone looking to purchase HZD, the game will not come with any microtransactions after purchase.

No Microtransactions

The news was confirmed by Guerrilla Games via Twitter when a fan asked if there would be any microtransactions in Horizon Zero Dawn. The developers simply answered that there won't be any coming to the game, so fans don't have to worry about it when HZD comes out.

Horizon Zero Dawn DLC

According to the BitBag, speculations on the microtransactions came about after the news that there will be DLC for Horizon Zero Dawn. What's more, the game is said to come with special features for anyone who pre-orders it; with that in mind, some are worried that not pre-ordering the game will lead to some unwanted spending from the users.

For those players who don't pre-order but still want the DLC for Horizon Zero Dawn, it's possible that the developers will put up the pre-order content as paid DLC in the future. Depending on the game's success, the DLC could possibly come in an "Ultimate Edition" of the game somewhere down the line. With all the hype building up on Horizon Zero Dawn, a lot of fans are hoping that it won't turn out to be the disappointment that was No Man's Sky.

Guerrilla Games and Death Stranding

Horizon Zero Dawn is being worked on by Guerrilla Games, the same developers behind the Killzone franchise. News has it that GG is also helping develop Kojima Productions' Death Stranding by lending the studio their Decima Engine - the very same game engine that was used on Horizon Zero Dawn. With people at awe over the featured graphics in the trailer, some can only imagine how good Death Stranding is going to look when it comes out.

Horizon Zero Dawn is set for a release on Feb. 28.

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