HIV 2017: What's This Antibody That Can Completely Destroy The Virus?

The use of Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis or PreP has long been noted by a number of health experts in limiting the spread of HIV. Moreover, it is also believed that PreP has the ability to protect those already infected through antiretrovirals. It is in line with this that a new study has claimed that an antibody called "10-1074" is found to be effective especially at neutralizing the virus, and is also safe for human use. Researchers of the study believes that because of these findings, the successful trial means that after the long journey, mankind is one step closer towards finding the right cure.

This Antibody Can Completely Destroy The Virus

According to reports revealed by Medical Daily, the study which was published online in the journal Nature Medicine, have allegedly included the complete break down of the trials conducted in the new HIV-neutralizing antibody in HIV-positive patients. The researchers have also found that 10-1074 has reportedly led to high antiviral activity in these patients. In one of his statements, one of the researchers involved in the study, Dr. Florian Klein has claimed that these types of antibodies are highly potent and are having the ability to effectively neutralize a large number of different HIV strains, which makes it essential for the development of the vaccine.

Debunking HIV's Ability

As Newsweek reports it, HIV is like other viruses in which our immune system is known to primarily create certain antibodies in order to fight it. In return, these antibodies can allegedly recognize a virus or bacteria as a foreign body, and call on the immune system to destroy it immediately. However, in the case of HIV, the virus is apparently able to evade our immune system by hiding out, reproducing, and eventually, if left untreated, it is then expected to destroy our immune system. Ultimately, the researchers of the study have highly emphasized that further trials for the "10-1074" antibody study have already been set to be conducted this spring.


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