Asthma In Kids Could Lead To Obesity

New research tells that children with asthma have 51 percent chances to become obese than children without asthma. On January 20, a research team published in the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine the study which revealed that children using inhaler at the time of asthma attack have 43 percent less chances to become obese.

USC Study Reveals That Children With Asthma Become Obese After A Few Years

Treating asthma in early stage can prevent children from obesity, and inhalers can protect kids from asthma. This is very strange link does not exist between asthma, physical activities, and other medications than inhaler.

There were few studies in the past about a link between children's asthma and obesity, but the research does not say that all children relevantly become obese.

This is found that children with asthma are obese, but there is no methodical proof that asthma causes obesity. But, early age asthma causes obesity, said Zhanghua Chen, lead author of the study and a investigation associate of ecological health at the Keck School of Medicine.

The Researchers Pointed Out Side Effects Of Asthma With Medications

Children with asthma cannot workout more nor they can play, that's the first reason of obesity among them. Another reason contains asthma medications' side effects, causing weight gain. Obesity further causes other sicknesses, like type 2 diabetes when they get old, said Gilliland.

They've included 2171 kids from Southern California kindergarteners and first-graders, and 13.5 percent of children had asthma. The research team monitored the students for 10 years, and found 15.8 percent of children became obese when kids were in fourth grade. USC also found that air smog causes obesity, because kid's asthma increases. The disease can be managing with clean air as it was found in specific regions.

The study also involved surveys for parents who replied answers about kids' daily movements and sports, etc. The study also involved children's contact to smoke in their homes due to smoking.

Though, this is very limited exploration as more research is required, including also on what part of the eating habits of kids as that also cause obesity.

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