Germany Finally Gives 'OK' Signal To Legalizing Medical Marijuana

It has recently been confirmed that the German parliament has already passed a law last Thursday, proving the legalization of medical marijuana in the country to be used solely of course for medical purposes.

Germany Has Officially Passed Law To Legalize Medical Marijuana For Patients In Need

The argument of legalizing medical marijuana has been going on for years in each of the countries all over the world. There are some countries that have adjusted and succumbed into allowing it legally, but others are still not in favour of using such drug as pain reliever. However, it has been proven and tested more times than it should that marijuana is just as useful as any other drug in the world to reduce the feeling of pain in their bodies. Thus, Germany has now approved a law that will let the doctors prescribe marijuana for those patients who are seriously ill.

Only patients suffering from serious illnesses such as multiple sclerosis, chronic pain, nausea from chemotherapy are entitled to be prescribed with medical marijuana to help get rid of the pain. This law has been passed as according to Health Minister Hermann Gröhe, the seriously ill people must be treated with the best resources in the best way possible. However, the granting of marijuana as a medical prescription is only limited to those who are in terrible need of it. As of to date, there are only 1,000 people in the country that were given permission to use the drug.

Legalization Of Marijuana In Germany Will Be Fully Implemented On March 2017

It has been reported that the law has already been signed and will soon be implemented on March. The health insurance companies and providers will be the ones to shoulder the cost of the cannabis needed to be used for treatment. It cannot be denied that this drug has been one of the most controversial topics to ever be discussed anywhere in the world, and legalizing it for the use of medical purposes is still considered taboo. Nevertheless, the people who need it the most shall be given the treatment they need to survive.

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