Rates On Cervical Cancer Deaths Higher Than Expected; Number Been Underestimated

It has been reported that the risks of women dying from cervical cancer has been higher than originally anticipated. Thus they are now encouraged more to do the procedural screenings to address the concerns immediately.

Study Overlooked Number Of Deaths Caused By Cervical Cancer; More Deaths Than Anticipated

It cannot be denied that cervical cancer has been one of the greatest threats of death among women. However, the data collected may be overlooked and the number of deaths from this cause is so much higher than what is originally anticipated or accepted by the public. Thus, every woman should be aware of its risks and should address the concerns as early as possible. Based on a new study recently conducted, there are black women are dying of cervical cancer at a rate of 77 percent more than the previous study, while 47 percent higher for white women.

It has been confirmed that during the previous and prior studies conducted, there were cases that were not taken into consideration. For one, the women who have had their cervixes removed in hysterectomy procedures were not accounted for. This has been a procedure widely considered by many women as to prevent being diagnosed of cervical cancer. According to statistics, there have been 12,990 new cases of cervical cancers recorded for the United States alone, while 4,120 deaths have occurred for the said diagnosis.

Study Conducted In Small Area But Fully Represented Cervical Cancer Patients

Even though the study was conducted only on 12 states in America, they still provided a national representation of the women everywhere who are diagnosed of cervical cancer. The data was gathered from the National Center for Health Statistics and the National Cancer Institute's Surveillance, Epidemiology and End Results. The data also showed the racial inequality seen in cervical cancer deaths. Thus, since the magnitude of the problem is now being accounted for, the reasons behind these shall now be further studied to have more answers and provide better solutions.

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