Rainbow Six Siege Update: Ubisoft Released A 30 Second Teaser For The New Map

The additional Year 2 content of Rainbow Six Siege is meant to come out this February and at present, Ubisoft is taking all efforts in leveling up the opening of the content. Ubisoft had already created a roadmap for its Year 2 content and it has already made a confirmation about its primary location which is Spain. Fans of Rainbow Six Siege were given the privilege to know about the Spanish content and it will be named Velvet Shell.

At present, Ubisoft has not yet revealed their opinion. The studio has revealed a quick 30-second trailer for its Spanish map and it indicates the fitting moniker of Coastline. The setting features a sunny, bright, and neon-heavy locale with a mix of ancient foundations that are emphasized with modern architecture and all of it are clearly linked together through a coastline hotel which bears the name La Perla Blanca.

It can be apparently noticed that La Perla Blanca is a real bed and breakfast that can be seen in Spain. The real life version of La Perla Blanca is not however located in a coastline and it cannot be seen in Ibiza. Ubisoft is obviously trying to place the day and night versions of the map that will be given with various ambiances along with the hot shining sun so it makes the environment flaunt the tropical aura in the day. The neon-light Ibiza gives a contrasting look during the night.

Ubisoft will be having an early look for its Velvet Shell content at the time of the Rainbow Six Siege Invitational on Feb. 5 at 10 AM PST, according to Game Rant. There is no information yet about the two Spanish operators, but one bears the name Elena "Mira" Alvarez Del Manzan. She was shortly mentioned during the last updates of the patch notes along with an inclusion of her feature in a doodle.


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