Gravity Rush 2: How To Unlock All Of Kat's Costumes

While characters have their own set of iconic clothes, sometimes it is also fun to just mix things up and wear something new. Learn how to get all the costumes in Gravity Rush 2 to give Kat some trendy threads as she strolls around Jirga Para Lhao.

It is worth noting that Kat has much more options in terms of fashion this time around. The first game felt somewhat lacking in terms of costumes but the sequel more than makes up for it. Aside from her colorful and unique clothes, fans can also use the photo mode to take selfies anytime and anywhere while sharing it online to earn Dusty Tokens.

Unlock All These Costumes in Gravity Rush 2

In order to fill up the Gravity Queen's wardrobe, fans will have to work hard and search the various localities. Players can earn her various outfits through missions while others require payment (via Dusty Tokens). Digital Trends reports the exact details on how to score her new outfits:

Shifter 2.0 - Kat's default clothes that players get early in-game.

Work Clothes - Buy for 300 Dusty Tokens.

Jazz Singer - Complete the story mission, 'Like a Radio.'

Waitress - Complete various food stall challenges. These string of quests begin with 'Hands Up, Hands Out' and ends with 'Come One, Come All.'

Nurse - Complete Hekseville quest 'A Legend is Born.'

Kali Costume - Complete Hekseville quest 'An Angel Named Double-Cross.'

School Uniform 2.0 - Complete the quest 'Forbidden Games.'

Super Star - Complete Hekseville quest 'Find the Idol.'

School Uniform 1.0 - Buy for 2,000 Dusty Tokens.

Shifter 1.0 - Buy for 5,000 Dusty Tokens

Military Uniform - Can only be obtained via the save data of Gravity Rush Remastered

Maid Outfit - Can only be obtained via the save data of Gravity Rush Remastered

Cat Suit - Can only be obtained via the save data of Gravity Rush Remastered

White Cat - Comes as a preorder bonus

PSO2 Crazy Kitten - Free downloadable content (DLC) as a collaboration between the sequel and Phantasy Star Online 2.

Tips to Get Started

Meanwhile, both new and players might feel a bit overwhelmed once the step into the world of Gravity Rush again. Fans should first watch the free two-part animation, Overture, to learn about the plot that bridges the first two games, as per Kotaku. When finally playing Gravity Rush 2, players should not feel the need to hurry and should explore the world as they please.

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