The Last of Us 2: Sequel to Include More ‘Personal Politics’

Just like the first game in the franchise, The Last of Us 2 will not be shying away from personal topics and issues. Series creator Neil Druckmann sent a tweet revealing the reason why.

The Last of Us 2 Will Not Stray From Personal Politics

Video games as a whole usually avoid making biased statements or stances when it comes to issues in the real world. However, The Last of Us was quick to choose sides when it came to intimate issues. The game contained its own 'point of view' towards both the in-game and real life world.

In line with this, creator Neil Druckmann confirmed that the highly-anticipated sequel will still include forms of 'personal politics,' as per Attack of the Fanboy. On Twitter, he defended his stance after a fan complained that he did not like how political the first game was. The fan then urged Druckmann to tone down that specific theme in the sequel.

However, the creator promptly refused via tweet and told him that writers find inspiration from 'their views of the world' and that the ending of the first game was inspired by his own 'personal politics.' Fitting enough, the first game was a very personal project to him as he was extremely devoted and involved in nearly every development process. To take away a core value from these games would ultimately alter the overall quality of the series.

Taking Notes From the Stan Lee

PlayStation LifeStyle reports that shortly after his initial reply, the The Last of Us creator linked another tweet from Naughty Dog employee Drew Thaler that contained a message from Stan Lee. There, Lee wrote that his readers would often point out that his comics were too moralized. The fanbase claimed that comics are only supposed to be for escapist reading and nothing more. Despite this, the writer stated that a story without a message is like 'a man without a soul.' Furthermore, Lee noted that stories should not blanket their readers' thoughts in spite of being enjoyable to read.

With this in mind, fans can look forward to another emotional and personal narrative in The Last of Us 2. There has been no official release date for the game as of now.

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