SolveForce Brings Smart Home Tech To Texas

Home security in Texas has traditionally been measured by the size or number of bullets required, but SolveForce is debuting a new way, with their smart home security and home automation systems.

SolveForce announced their presence in major Texas cities like San Antonio and Austin this week, where they hope to provide Texans with peace of mind and some energy bill savings through their smart home offerings.

Like most smart home technology providers, SolveForce is looking for customers interested in the growing world of home security systems, programmable lighting or thermostats, and wireless home surveillance.

"Smart home security alarm service monitoring and energy automation is a residential and commercial service introduced by SolveForce that helps families, businesses, and individuals in Texas stay in control of their home safety even when they're away from their home base," a press release says. "With this type of home energy and security solution installation, taking vacations or stepping away from the home is not a time to stress anymore, but a time to relax in the peace of mind that the home is safe and secure and being looked after."

As in most of the smart home industry, one of the big selling points SolveForce hopes to impress prospective customers with is the ability to control the vital functions of the home from any Internet-connected device.

"The energy and security devices can be controlled by using smart phones, notepads, or the traditional computer or laptop," the release continues. "With such innovative products, one can program their thermostat or lights to go off and on at any time they want while controlling the heating or air conditioning, changing the lighting remotely, and selecting a the right ambience at programmable times."

Texans are the just the latest to get a taste of this wave of smart home technology that is sweeping the world.

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