The Microsoft Surface Phone Rumors Are Stronger Than Ever, Release Date Could Be Imminent

The worst thing about the Surface Phone is that it remains unacknowledged. The phone has been widely talked about last year but Microsoft never managed to at least recognize the matter. But despite that, the phone continued to get rumored, and as of now, there have already been a bunch of details regarding the said Surface Phone. Here's what's heard about the Surface Phone so far.

Microsoft Surface Phone Rumored Specs

Right now, the Surface Phone's specs sheet is almost complete. The only problem is that they're not confirmed in any way. The Surface Phone specs you find online are nothing but a combination of unverified leaks, rumors, and predictions. So while the specs do make sense most of the time, they're not really something you can totally rely on.

Needless to say, if you're curious about what the Surface Phone can bring to the table, granted that it exists, rumors suggest that it will be one amazing and premium phone. The Surface Phone is expected to be powered by either the Snapdragon 835 or Intel Kaby Lake processor and it is also expected to come with at least 6 GB RAM. There could also be a Surface Pen integration alongside a support for Microsoft Continuum. Additionally, it's worth mentioning that Microsoft has been granted a patent for a foldable device, as per Phone Arena. Nevertheless, this phone trait may or may not be for the Surface Phone.

Microsoft Surface Phone Release

The Surface Phone, having been a long-time elephant in the room, is clearly an uncertain release. It's either that it doesn't exist or Microsoft is simply not ready to unveil it just yet. The company has already confirmed that they aren't backing out from the smartphone market and that they will be releasing the ultimate mobile device soon. However, apart from that very positive statement, Microsoft hasn't gone into detail as to what smartphone they are planning to release. Hopefully, the Surface Phone, or whatever name the company decides to call its next flagship, would already be made official soon.

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