Overwatch: Here Are The Upcoming Changes That Will Go Live On Patch 1.7

Jeff Kaplan and his team are now ready to close out the latest PTR changes which means that Patch 1.7 is about to go live. All of the feedbacks have now taken into account and based on the data that they receive, all of the changes were deemed to be "satisfactory" and thus, will go to the live version unblemished. Here are all the changes that will go live coming into Overwatch Patch 1.7:

Overwatch Patch 1.7 Live Update

Bill Warnecke, the lead software engineer of Blizzard has announced that the team are now closing the PTR which means that they have gathered sufficient data and feedbacks from the community and thus, are now ready to take all of the changes into the live version. Here are the highlights of Patch 1.7 which is set to be released on Tuesday, January 24th:

Biotic Grenade healing reduced by 50%. This nerf is to make the meta more competitive and promote diverse team compositions. With the reduction of healing done by Biotic Grenades, the triple tank meta would feel a little less of a threat. 

Health increased to 400 (from 200)
Armor decreased to 200 (from 400)
Fusion Cannons:
Bullet damage reduced to 2 (from 3)
Number of bullets per shot increased to 11 (from 8)

Hook 3.0 will now make into the live version. Players can see the definitive comparison between the two hook's interactions in the video down below. Moreover, according to Blizzard, the team has done the final "touches" on Roadhog which would make the hero more fun and competitive to play with and against with.

Hack time reduced by 0.2 seconds. This is more like a tweak rather than a buff and so this change might go into the live version unnoticed. Just like how Blizzard has been incorporating minor changes without explicitly stating them on the patch notes.


Emote Wheel - Jeff Kaplan has stated the team's plans of introducing the Emote Wheel way back in December. Patch 1.7 will see the introduction of the first wheel, the Emote Wheel into the game. More features are soon to come in the upcoming patch updates in the near future.

Players can check all of the PTR changes here. For those that were not mention, particularly on Sombra, Blizzard has yet clarified whether or not these changes will hit on the live version. 

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