Pokémon Sun and Moon Chinese New Year Event Gives Shiny Magikarp With Moves Splash/Bounce For Free But There's A Catch

Game Freak celebrates Chinese New Year by giving away shiny Magikarp with innate moves of Splash/Bounce for free. But as news came like a wildfire, many quickly pointed out the drawback of the event. Here's why some are frustrated over the simple Chinese Lunar Festival event in Pokémon.

Pokémon Sun and Moon: Chinese New Year Event

Game Freak introduces the shiny Magikarp which is set to be released in celebration for the Chinese New Year Event. The event is scheduled to commence beginning at Jan. 28 up to Feb. 6 of 2017. During this time, players can get shiny Magikarp via serial code which is only available in Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong. This means that the upcoming shiny Pokémon will only be exclusive for these regions.

Asian market (Taiwan,Malaysia,Singapore,HK) get a Shiny Magikarp with moves Splash/Bounce [Jan 28 - Feb 6, 2017] from pokemon

Fans React To Region Exclusive Event

In a Reddit thread, players are questioning over Game Freak's decision of making the region exclusive event as well as incorporating the Serial Code instead of a QR code for the shiny Magikarp. More importantly, fans are asking why the developers still intend to continue region exclusive Pokémon. According to them, it just somehow creates an imbalance between the other regions as one basically has something that the others don't have.

Some fans, however, are quick to point out that Region Exclusive somehow promotes trading. Albeit event Pokémon can't be traded via GTS/WT, these Pokémon can still be directly traded or transferred. The drawback, however, is that one should just hope for a random trade from someone originating from these regions. Otherwise, one can't get ahold of this rare shiny Magikarp which serves as a good luck charm in Chinese. Players can check the entire thread and update of the event in this thread from the Pokemon subreddit. 

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