New Study Shows Psychopaths Have Below Average Intelligence Contrary To Popular Belief

Psychopaths have always been presumed to have a high level of intelligence which has resulted to a mental disorder. However, it has recently been discovered that it could be unlikely or could actually be otherwise, as psychopaths may simply possess a much lower than average of intelligence, resulting in the mental disorder in a different perspective.

The previous Study On Psychopaths Focused Only On Patients Of High Social Standing And Educational Attainment

Over the course of history, psychopaths have always been thought to be extremely intelligent, organized and educated which would explain their odd behavior. This has been debated by psychologists over the years now, and a recent study has shown that the basis of the study of psychopaths' brains is totally biased, since they have only studied those of educated and upper-class background. Those of the lower intellect who turned out to be psychopaths have not been taken much into the study.

Since psychopaths are widely known for their manipulative attitude and seeming charm, it is acceptable why people would normally assume them to be of higher intelligence. However, the new study conducted on psychopaths of all levels in social standing seems to have proved otherwise. The results of the study have indicated that what the society believes is the norm when it comes to the mental abilities of psychopaths is actually opposite of what is real: psychopaths are less intelligent than the average. The study has involved thousands of participants, both those who are in prison and those in line to have successful careers.

Recent Tests Show Higher Psychopathic Traits Equivalent To Lower Intelligence Score

Upon conducting the research, it has been revealed that the subjects who have gained a higher score for psychopathic traits tend to have a lower score on the intelligence test. Thus, it has been noted that there are a lot of aspects and factors that need to be considered in measuring the levels of a psychopathic tendency of a human being. Although not all, there are some psychopaths who have higher intelligence depending on their upbringing as well. However, it has been confirmed that not all psychopaths belong to the group of high intelligence. This will definitely be a great factor in obtaining criminal cases and conviction of criminals who are diagnosed as psychopaths.

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