Final Fantasy XV Update: Purchase These Exclusive DLC For A Limited Price Only

By Irwyn , Jan 25, 2017 04:10 AM EST

Players can now buy the once-limited Final Fantasy XV pre-order downloadable content (DLC) on each console's respective stores. Meanwhile, Tabata sets the expectations between the game's DLC and updates.

According to GearNuke, Square Enix has released all of the pre-order bonus DLC for sale. Those who were not able to choose which bonus they wanted now have the chance to buy one or even all of them. Furthermore, the company has priced all the items at a reasonable low price which gives players the chance to purchase the entire set.

Final Fantasy XV Pre-Order Bonuses Available for Purchase

Those who are interested can buy the items via the PlayStation Network Store (PSN) or the Xbox Live Store. Players will simply have to access the game's add-ons page to begin shopping. Here is the complete list of available items:

Items - Angler Set, Camera Kit, Gourmand Set, Travel Pack

Outfit - Royal Rainment

Recolors - 16-bit Buddies, Cindy Mobile, Gold Chocobo, Platinum Leviathan

Weapons - Blazefire Saber from FFXIII, Gae Bolg from FFXIV, Mage Mashers from FFIX, Masamune from FFXV

Aside from the DLC, Square Enix has also released the new Chocobo Carnival update which fans can partake in right now. The event is currently happening in Altissia and can be accessed via a new 'Special' option in the main menu.

The Difference Between Updates and Downloadable Content

Similarly, game director Hajime Tabata explained that fans should look at DLC and the game's updates as two different types of content, as per USgamer. He explained that updates are free and further enhance the current gameplay experience. DLC, on the other hand, provide new ways for players to enjoy the game via paid content.

In line with this, the development team is currently hard at work developing an update for the notorious chapter 13. They deliberately planned the sudden change of pace and difficulty spike but discovered that players were experiencing more stress from the chapter than they anticipated. In response to the negative reception from fans, Tabata stated that he will focus on enhancing but not remaking the level.

With this in mind, he wants to keep the original content while relieving any unintentional stress. He will also add some elements that will further expand the gameplay for that specific chapter. For now, Tabata urged fans to wait for further updates regarding the Final Fantasy XV chapter 13 update.

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