Pokebank: Here Are All the Details About the Updated Service For Pokemon Sun And Moon

The wait is finally over as Nintendo has finally unveiled Pokebank for Sun and Moon. Those who are subscribed to the service will also get a legendary Z-Crystal for free.

Just recently, Pokemon's official Twitter account posted an official announcement for the long-awaited service. Fans who are playing the current gen can now use the services to transfer their monsters from selected games. Additionally, the Twitter account also posted a short clip for the Mew Z-Crystal which is exclusive to the said Pokemon.

Mewnium Z Available for Free

When Mew equips this, it can use the Genesis Supernova attack wherein it spins around in a circle to summon small balls. The Pokemon then continues to swirl until the balls form together into a huge sphere which Mew uses to fire at the opponent. Those who avail the service will get the exclusive item for free. However, only players who have the seventh gen can avail the Mewnium Z.

PokeBank and Poke Transporter Updated for Sun and Moon

Meanwhile, the official Pokemon Sun and Moon website has shared the finer details about the service. The basic transfer features still apply to the previous titles like X, Y, Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. Although, Nintendo has updated the Poke Transporter so that fans who bought the 3DS Virtual Console versions of Red, Blue and Yellow can bring over their monsters to the seventh gen. Keep in mind that players cannot transfer their Pokemon from the Virtual Console games to the other 3DS titles.

It is worth also noting that once players bring over their monsters from whichever title to the current gen, they will not be able to transfer them back. Furthermore, Pokemon cannot keep any items in the bank. All held items will automatically be sent back to the original game.

Import Saved Data for the National Dex

Fans should also look forward to the new National Pokedex for the seventh gen that will collect information from previous saved games (strictly limited to 3DS titles only). Players can then review their previous entries that include non-native Alolan Pokemon.

Pokebank and Poke Transporter is a paid service that costs $4.99 for a total of 365 days. Once the said period expires, players will have to renew their services. Those who want to use the two services can buy it now on the Nintendo 3DS eShop.

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