Epidemics Still A Problem In Unprepared World

Many people today are secure from many diseases because of the advancement of medical science. However, the reality is that many infectious diseases are still not fully controlled. Disease outbreaks would still be a problem in an unprepared world today.

Many diseases are still not fully controlled. An outbreak of any of them could cause much damage in the world today. This could happen in the next decades, as seen in the study made by the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies. The research team is led by Suerie Moon.

When Ebola broke out in 2014 in Africa, there was much response to it. Though Ebola was partly contained, an examination of actions for healthcare reforms there has so far been unclear. The research team has made a study on what happened and what actions should be taken.

Three areas have been targeted that need to be addressed. These areas are compliance with International Health Regulations (IHR), improving research as well as sharing information and a reformation of the World Health Organization (WHO). Though some early actions have been taken, progress has been slow.

The study has shown that the world still does not have a reliable system for preventing outbreaks, according to a press release by the BMJ. Response to outbreaks has been slow also. In recent years the outbreak of Ebola and Zika has shown that the world could still be overwhelmed when a major outbreak happens.

Deficiencies in handling outbreaks have been noted, as Science Daily reports. The study has been critical and said that not much has been done yet in addressing the issues. Another outbreak could leave the world devastated if people continue to have little commitment in how to contain them.

The study has recommended that governments and agencies should have a system of monitoring and accountability mechanisms in place so that an outbreak would not catch people unprepared. The study has shown that disease outbreaks would still be a problem in an unprepared world. Another report has shown that extreme blackouts could cost so much.

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