UFO Sightings: Bizarre Water-Sucking UFO Debunked

A video of a strange UFO sighting off the coasts of Algeria has gone viral in the internet. The said video shows an alleged water-sucking UFO which some alien enthusiasts and conspiracy theorists believe to be controlled by extraterrestrials. Meanwhile, critics explained its nothing but an ordinary waterspout.

Waterspout is a natural phenomenon which occurs in bodies of water. It creates a column of water which stretches from the sea to the sky. They rotate like tornadoes but they are considerably weaker and less destructive, however, some stronger waterspouts pose threats to boats, aircrafts and marine animals Waterspouts most commonly form in tropical and subtropical areas.

UFO hunter Tyler Glockner revealed that witnesses reported a UFO sighting - a strange object flying over the sky. Shortly after, a waterspout was formed. He added that the alleged UFO disappeared along with the waterspout. "Just before the waterspout dissipates we see a UFO fly out of sight, and this was said by one of the eyewitnesses to be the same UFO that flew up into the clouds just before the water began cyphering up into clouds," Glockner said according to Daily Star.

Some alien hunters believed that the phenomenon was caused by otherworldly beings. However, the UFO theory is just hard to believe. One critic commented the object was nothing but a bird and even pointed out it seems to have wings. "It is just a waterspout with a caspian tern flying across the sky," one critic said according to Daily Mail.

The quality of the video is also at fault. It was filmed from far away that the alleged water-sucking UFO looked nothing but three white dots in the sky. This is not the first time that Glockner was criticized from outrageous claims of UFO sightings. Previously, he argued that the gravity waves on Venus is a stationary structure made by aliens.

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