Pokémon Duel Is All About PvP; Will It Replace Pokémon GO?

It's another great day for Pokémon fans as the franchise has brought about a new mobile app which has just hit live on both iOS and Anroid devices. The new game is called Pokémon Duel and it's nothing short engrossing as it provides one of the most requested and almost nil aspect of Pokémon GO and that is, outright PvP.

Pokémon Duel

There are a lot of news circulating around both Pokémon developers: Game Freak and Niantic especially with the rumors of both of their respective apps making their way onto the Switch. There's also this news about a new Pokémon game dubbed Pokémon Stars which is rumored to be released exclusively for Switch but amidst all of the speculations haunting these titles, one Pokémon game seemed to have slipped through the audience unnoticed.

The new mobile game titled Pokémon Duel resembles the traditional tactical board game where two players are set to duel against each other in a battle royal of strategy and finesse. According to the Pokémon company, players can "employ tactics such as using their Pokémon to block their opponent."

Pokémon Duel vs Pokémon GO

Pokémon Duel is a free-to-play mobile app available now for Android and iOS devices. Albeit its nature being f2p, much like Pokémon GO, the app is also supported by in-game microtransactions. As far as the in-app purchases go, it appears that the items cost pretty much what one would expect from any other popular titles.

While Pokémon GO enjoys stellar run in both Android and iOS, and breaking numerous world records, it's interesting to see how these two apps would par against each other especially for the fact that Pokémon GO awfully lacks PvP. With more and more players getting enticed through online and LAN battles, the new Pokémon mobile game may just probably be the wave that would topple down the empire that Pokémon GO has built in supremacy.

As of the moment, it's too early to tell whether or not the new Pokémon game would live to the fans' expectations. Also, it's worth noting that Pokémon GO is scheduled to have its major update in order to welcome new features including Gen 2 and more. For more details, click here.

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