Honda Civic: Why Everyone Wants One These Days

Honda Civic: Everyone Wants One These Days
Everyone wants to own a Honda Civic nowadays. Here's why. Photo : Kelley Blue Book/YouTube

The Honda Civic is one of the most sought sedan models nowadays and for very good reasons. Given how tough and unpredictable the economy can be, most people simply do away with luxury and get themselves a car they can rely on. Believe it or not, a Honda Civic can last for a very long time that you can even pass it on to the next generation.

Honda Civic: Choosing Practicality Over Luxury

It is no secret that the Honda Civic is considered one of the cheapest vehicles in the market but it is also known to be one of the most reliable you can get. As mentioned earlier, the economy can be both tough and unpredictable and the new generation of consumers don't really want to squander their money away. This is why most people choose practicality over luxury when looking for a car to buy and the Honda Civic simply happens to be one of the best options to choose.

Honda Civic: Consumers' Choice

Surely, many of you have different opinions about the Honda Civic being one of the best choices for reliable sedans in the market. However, there are actual studies that most consumers, the millennials in particular, actually prefer the Honda Civic over other vehicles for a number of reasons like efficiency and affordability among others. One of the other reasons why millennials usually go for cheaper and smaller vehicles, like the Honda Civic, is because they don't plan on keeping it for a very long time.

Honda Civic: A Great First Car Option

The Honda Civic certainly makes a lot of sense as your first car if you are among those that were not born with a silver spoon and had to spend a lot of extra hours at work to save up for your first car. To be honest, my first car is a 2005 Honda Civic that I bought from my old man three years after he took it out of the dealership. Between putting food on the table for the family and sending the kid to a good school, it took me some time before I had enough money to get my first car.

Unlike most millennial consumers however, I didn't go for a brand new model since I was quite attached to the 2005 Honda Civic and I also had a few practical reasons. So, when the old man decided that he wanted to sell it and get himself a pickup truck, I jumped at the opportunity of buying it from him and I got quite a discount for it. Believe it or not, that same Honda Civic still runs as good as the day we drove it out of the dealership, 12 years ago.

Honda Civic: Here's What A New One Costs

Speaking from experience, getting yourself a Honda Civic would certainly be a decision you would not regret. The 2017 Honda Civic costs $18,740 at present without the fees. There are also hatchback models that seem to be one of the biggest trends these days and they cost about $23,000 including destination charge according to report. That is not bad at all considering the fact that you would have a very reliable vehicle for such a price.

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