Dropbox Bug Restores Files Deleted Years Ago

A Dropbox bug has been discovered and this glitch resulted in the restoration of files, which were deleted as far back as seven years ago. Dropbox users reported on forums that they have been experiencing some issues with the online storage service. Several users reported the same issue and according to these accounts, files deleted around 2010 and 2011 reappeared on their Dropbox folder.

Dropbox Bugs

Dropbox is considered to be one of the most popular online storage apps today. Recently, however, there were some reports that a bug resulted in the restoration of old files some of which were deleted as far back as 2009. This is completely opposite of what Dropbox has to say. According to the company, after the 30-day mark from being deleted, there is no way to recover the files unless the user has a Pro or a Business account.

When the incidents were reported, Dropbox offered an explanation right away reassuring users that the accounts affected by the issues were not hacked. According to its official statement, they restored some deleted files by mistake while they were fixing a bug that affected Dropbox.

User Reaction

If the said bug that affected Dropbox has been preventing files from being completely deleted and it took them seven years to find it, there is so much to worry about. The one to blame is said to be "metadata inconsistencies" and this allowed files to remain on Dropbox's servers all this time.

While bugs are not unusual in any software, the recent issue with Dropbox sparked much animosity in the web since it is another proof that anything uploaded to the cloud stays there. Given how many files that were retrieved dating years back, many users are afraid that their privacy can be compromised anytime. Needless to say, Dropbox also announced that the bug has been fixed but the files need to be deleted again, manually.

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