Google Translate Can Now Translate Japanese Text To English Through A Camera

By Andy Franco , Jan 25, 2017 07:02 PM EST

There is great news for travelers and Japanese enthusiasts. Google Translate has just brought forth a new feature that allows users to instantly get the gist of lines of Japanese text at a hover of a camera.

The upgrade was already available by Wednesday through the Google Play Store; however, the app is still rolling out its new feature. If you're ready to go check it out for yourself, users can go get the upgrade from APKMirror.

After downloading the offline translation pack for Japanese language pack worth 42 MB, the feature can then work by setting the languages for Japanese and English in either order pressing the camera icon in Translate. The bottom right eye icon will then turn to green. Translations for words or phrases are then placed on top of the existing image instantly.

Interested users should note that the app is not entirely perfect. You have to position the camera properly to get a better translation. Other times, the translations can tend to be inaccurate. The app also ignores text it cannot understand. Then again, it is still better than nothing when you perhaps are traveling around unfamiliar territory. It should give you clues about simple street signs and announcements.

The feature also works with English to Japanese translations, a perfect companion app for Japanese tourists or students trying to learn the Japanese language. 30 languages have already been equipped in the app's instant camera translation, adding Japanese to its collection. The non-instant camera mode holds 37 languages.

Google Translate's 5.7 update also fixes a bug regarding sharing with Facebook Messenger. Some of the other updates for the mobile translator allow users to draw out characters in 93 available languages. This means you can be free from typing characters and forego getting a new language pack for an alphabet you don't know.

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