Honeywell Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat Adds Some Color To Your Climate Control

Honeywell, the makers of everything from vacuum cleaners to helicopter armor, unveiled its latest smart home technology this week, the Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat, which brings several interesting smart home automation features into a pretty package.

The Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat at its most basic, like any thermostat, controls the temperature of a house. Like other smart thermostats, including the Nest, the Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat can send alerts by email or a custom iOS or Android app, be programmed or controlled remotely and learn how best to accommodate your needs.

“With Smart ResponseTM technology, the thermostat learns how long it takes to heat and cool a home to ensure it is always at the temperature homeowners want, at the time they want it,” according to a press release. “The Instant Away feature allows homeowners to balance comfort and energy savings: on your way out the door, simply tell the Honeywell Wi-Fi thermostat when you will be back and it can start saving energy instantly while you are gone.”

A few things separate Honeywell’s Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat from the rest of the smart home thermostat crowd, including a greater focus on humidity and customizable colors to match any wall.

“As home décor evolves, consumers want their thermostat to complement their décor,” Beth Wozniak, president of Honeywell Environmental and Combustion Controls, said in the release. “It puts creativity in the hands of the homeowner with our Color Match feature. Just as they pick fabrics and paint, they can choose what the Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat looks like in their home.”

The smart thermostat also claims greater precision and accuracy than other smart thermostats, which can save you time and money.

“Temperature is controlled within +/- 1 degree, making it one of the most precise and dependable thermostat on the market. Other “smart” thermostats can swing as much as +/- 4 degrees, an inefficiency that causes heating and cooling systems to work overtime to achieve the desired temperature and forces homeowners to constantly modify settings to reach their comfort level,” according to the release.

The Honeywell Wi-FI Smart Thermostat goes on sale in May online and at Home Depot.

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