Overwatch Chinese New Year Skin Glitch Makes Mei Look Good; Some Are Not Please Though

The Overwatch Chinese New Year Skin for Mei seems to make her look a bit thinner, according to some players. Blizzard though has acknowledged that a bug is responsible for the glitch.

Year Of The Rooster Look For Mei

Mei's default skin is the Eskimo outfit but Blizzard has released a Chinese New Year outfit for her. The new skin though has a glitch that made the female hero thinner. She actually looks good but other players are not happy with it. Here is a photo comparison of Mei in the two skins.

To the casual observer, there seems to be a little difference considering that the Eskimo skin is a bulky suit. Some of the critics though point out that Mei's waist in the New Year skin seems smaller than normal.

Blizzard Admits "Skin Bug"

Overwatch developer Blizzard posted its explanation about the "waist glitch". The game community manager said that Mei's new Luna Chang'e skin has a bug that's making the heroine's waist look smaller. Fortunately, the bug is now fixed and the various gaming platforms will soon receive their respective patches.

Overwatch players posted their various reactions about Blizzard's announcement. Some were even surprised that such a bug exist. This is not the first time though that Mei has been mired in controversy about her skins. Players complained during the Winter Wonderland event about the rarity of her Christmas skin.

About Mei

Mei is a defense hero in Overwatch is one of the favorite playable characters in the game. She is armed with an endothermic blaster that allows her to construct an Ice Wall or Cryo-freeze an opponent. She can also heal herself and escaped from the enemy's damage once are encased in a block of ice. Her Ult Blizzard move makes use of a drone that can freeze solid any enemy caught within the storm's radius.

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