Health News: Genetic Traits Of Housemate Can Affect Your Health

Your housemate's genetic traits power to influence you health habits and lifestyle is today's health news. Being genetically predisposed to certain habits, such as being an early bird or a night owl, the lifestyle we lead have a huge impact on the state of our health. A study has revealed that another person's genetic traits, especially those we live with, can significantly influence our own lifestyle.

In fact, the research found that our health is more affected by our housemates' genes than by the elements in our surroundings. Researchers from the University of Edinburgh studied the genetic trait present in a mouse's cage mate and evaluated the health state of the mouse. They found that the mouse's cage mate can affect its own health in various significant ways.

According to the Live Science , the study on this health news showed that cage mates do this by influencing traits once thought to be controlled only by an animal's own genes. The cage mate showed influence of its behavior on the growth rate and immune system of the other mouse. According to Amelie Baud, first author on the study "we need to pay attention to the genetic make up of social partners since in some cases it affects health more than the individual's own gene."

She adds that the study clearly indicated that doctors should also look at the social partners of a patients in order to accurately assess health conditions. To clarify the point, she explains that if someone goes to bed late every night due to their partner's night owl tendencies, that person eventually develops an illness. However, the sleeping pattern is not mentioned to the doctor, and the doctor doesn't think to ask, the Daily Mail  says.

Since the research showed a connection between the illness and the partner's sleeping habits, the doctor should ask about life habits and provide helpful advice that will change the current lifestyle. The study hopes to promote more researches on the effects of genes to health behavior among social circles . This health news puts a spotlight on the importance of picking our housemates carefully.

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