Microsoft Surface Deals 2017: Discounts For The Surface Pro 4 And Surface Book

Microsoft's Surface devices are undeniably amazing. It's just probably the price that hinders some people to buy one. Fortunately, though, Microsoft isn't a stranger to discounts. The company puts its products on sale on a regular basis, and even if they don't, third-party retailers also give price cuts to Surface devices.

Microsoft Surface Book Discounts

If you have been eyeing the Surface Book for the past months, now may be the best time to get it. If you're in the US, you can get the 128 GB Core i5 model of the Surface Book for $1299 at the Microsoft Store. That's a solid $200 discount right there. If you're in the UK, the same Surface Book model had its price dropped to £999 from £1,299.

The said model put on sale in the US and UK is an entry-level Surface Book. If you want a higher-end model, you should be in Australia to take advantage of the discount. Windows Central says that the 256 GB Core i7 Surface Book with 8 GB RAM is now down to $2,804 from its original price of $3299. The even higher model with 16 GB RAM and 512 GB storage is now down to $3569 from its usual $4199. The top end variant that comes with 1 TB storage and 16 GB RAM is down to $4206 from $4949.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Sale

The Surface Pro 4 is in a few complex deals right now. For one, the Microsoft Store in the US has started selling the Pro 4 without its pen. The Core m3/4 GB RAM/128 GB storage variant is now sold with a "No Pen" listing on the store. As per Neowin, the product is priced $799. This is quite interesting as the product gets a $100 slash compared to the product that's bundled with a pen, while if you purchase a pen separately, you only need to spend $59.99.

Nevertheless, there is always a deal better than what's already great. If you head over to Best Buy, you can get the same Surface Pro 4 model that doesn't include the pen for $699.99. The bonus factor here apart from the price difference is that Best Buy includes a Microsoft Signature Type Cover keyboard in the deal that typically costs around $159. It's worth noting that you can also get the pen accessory from Best Buy for $7 less than Microsoft's price.

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