The Nokia 6 Could Be Released Outside China After All, But It Won't Be Cheap

The Nokia 6 is HMD Global's first Nokia smartphone for 2017. It may have had an uncertain fate during its pre-launch phase but as of now, it's pretty clear that the first Nokia release of 2017 is a big success. Do note that within 24 hours from the start of Nokia 6's pre-sale registration, 250,000 people have signed up. Soon enough, this number jumped to 1,000,000. When the product finally hit its first flash sale, it got sold out within a minute. Right now, the Nokia 6 already has around 1.4 million people who have shown interest in getting the phone.

With that, it's already clear that people want this phone. The only problem is that it has only been launched in China. Apparently, HMD Global thinks that releasing in China and in China alone is the most strategic thing to do for their first release, which isn't exactly a bad idea. However, people outside the said country have little means of getting the Nokia 6.

Nokia 6's International Release

Fortunately now, there is already a chance for the said phone to be sold outside China. Apparently, third-party sellers from different countries are capable of doing so. But at this point in time, there aren't a lot of sellers who have already listed the Nokia 6, although a giant Philippine online retailer has been spotted listing the highly-anticipated Nokia phone.

Note that the Nokia 6 that the said external retailer will be selling is in white variant and it is priced a bit higher than the original selling price. Phone Arena says that the original source of the Nokia 6 sells the Android smartphone for around $245 while the said Philippine retailer lists the phone with a price of around $370.

Nokia 6 Specs

Of course, the boost in price won't be changing the fact that the Nokia 6 is still a midrange phone. Nevertheless, it is still probably worth spending for considering the fact that more than a million people have shown interest in the phone. It's also not a bad deal even with the higher "import" price. The Nokia 6 is a good 5.5-inch smartphone that runs Android Nougat from the box. It is powered by a Snapdragon 430 processor and it comes with 4 GB RAM and 64 GB storage. There's also a microSD slot, a 16 MP rear camera and an 8 MP front camera.

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