DJI Mavic Pro Order Shipment Status: New 2017 Update

After months of inconsistency in shipment schedules, the Mavic Pro still hasn't reached the point where its shipping is already stable. Do note that when it first got launched, its original shipment schedule wasn't met, leading to customer frustration and eventually to apologize from DJI and a change in shipment ETA. Up until the holiday rush season, the DJI Mavic Pro from all sources had a shipment ETA pushed far up to up to eight weeks.

Changes In DJI Mavic Pro Shipment ETA

As January started, DJI has changed the Mavic Pro shipment schedule gradually. First, the Mavic Pro got a shipment schedule of seven to ten days. After a few days, it changed to five to seven days. The shortest shipment ETA for the Mavic Pro was three to five days and this 3-5 day shipping stood there for quite a few days before the company changed it back to a two-week shipping schedule.

Now, if you get the Mavic Pro drone, DJI's site lists it with an estimated shipping of 1-15 days for the Mavic Pro and 7-10 days for the Mavic Pro combo. This may be quite a stretch from the recent 3-5 day shipping but it is still way shorter than what past customers had to wait for. Nevertheless, these shortening of shipment schedules still doesn't assure that past orders are already all cleared up. This also doesn't change the resellers' shipment ETAs for their Mavic Pro listings.

DJI Mavic Pro Past Orders Status

Apparently, there are still people who claim that their Mavic Pro orders from third-party vendors haven't been delivered yet. When we posted about the changes in the shipment of new Mavic Pro orders, there were people who shared that their past orders are yet to be delivered and with an unknown and inconsistent shipment ETAs. In a user-made thread in DJI's forum page, there are also people who claim that their past orders weren't delivered yet as well.

With that said, it's pretty clear that the company still hasn't gotten a handle on its Mavic Pro supply and is yet to completely ship out to all its customers. Nevertheless, it's still good news that the new orders are now shipped in a short period of time. Hopefully, though, DJI is able to prioritize past orders, made directly with DJI or not, so as to have these shipment issues all sorted out ASAP.

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