Breast Cancer: How Younger Women Cope With The Diagnosis

Over the past few years there has been an increase in women under 40 diagnosed with breast cancer. Being diagnosed with breast cancer is a very devastating news for anyone, but for younger women it brings up more concerns, the more questions and questions that may affect the family as well. At the age of 31, Yolanda has been diagnosed with breast cancer. Dr. Thomas Samuel, a breast oncologist at Cleveland Clinic in Florida, said that it is unusual to see a 31-year-old diagnosed with breast cancer.

He added that only two percent are diagnosed with breast cancer under 40. When women under 40 get diagnosed with breast cancer, there are different issues that need to be addressed. One of the main concern is the preservation of fertility because treatments like chemotherapy and radiation can have an impact. Young mom Yolanda has difficulty on how she will tell her two daughters about her diagnosis. Dr. Samuel said that children are incredibly resilient, that is why most people are surprised when they get to have a conversation and on how the children are very supportive.

Another concern of younger women is the body image. Yolanda chose to have a bilateral mastectomy to reduce her risk of recurrence. During the process, she later on learned to love herself. According to the WNDU 16, Yolanda said that it has inspiring breast cancer patients of all ages never stop fighting. Yolanda competed her treatment and is recovering very well.

According to the NBC 5, there has been an increase in the number of young women age 25 to 39, was diagnosed with breast cancer over the past years. This data shows that there is a need for younger women to be more watchful about their health and the health of their family as well. Being diagnosed with breast cancer at a younger age could be a shocking news to anyone.

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