Toyota Issues Recall For 73,000 Tundra Units Due To Faulty Bumpers

If there is a problem, it needs to be fixed and that is exactly the case as Toyota issues a recall on 73,000 units of 2016 and 2017 Tundra models due to faulty bumpers. Apparently, the rear bumpers are not as good as it should be and the Japanese automaker aims to correct this mistake.

Toyota Tundra Recall: Cause Of Issue

According to CNET, the cause of the recall is due to resin rear bumper steps and the resin reinforced corner brackets of the bumper. Apparently, this could easily be damaged if the owner of an affected Toyota Tundra happens to get in a collision where the rear bumper gets hit. It was mentioned that stepping on the corner of the rear bumper could lead to accident as that portion could easily break.

Toyota Tundra Recall: Affected Models

There are about 73,000 affected units of 2016 and 2017 models of Toyota Tundra. Accordingly, owners of the affected models will receive notices for the recall sometime in February. Owners will be instructed to bring their Toyota Tundra to their dealers in order for the issue to be resolved.

Toyota Tundra Recall: Solution To The Problem

Reports state that the issue will be fixed by the dealers by simply replacing the resin brackets with ones that are made out of steel. This will ensure that the rear bumper corners will be able to support an individual's weight in order for accidents to be avoided. In addition, it was also mentioned that the rear bumper's tread cover will also get a replacement.

Toyota Tundra Recall: Drive Carefully

Fortunately, Toyota said nothing about not driving the Tundra until the issue is resolved. However, for owners that think they are among those with affected units, it would be a wise move to drive more carefully and avoid stepping on the rear bumper corners to climb on the truck's bed. In the meantime, stepping on the tires to get on the truck bed will have to do.

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