Banting Diet To Set A New Health Fad Worldwide

From Atkins, to Paleo, and South Beach diet, advocates all over the world cannot stop talking about a new fad. This involves a low-carb, high-fat diet. According to its creator, Prof. Tim Noakes, a sports scientist, this can help boost a person’s energy level. It’s name- The Banting Diet.

Its name originated from William Banting, a grossly obese and sickly British undertaker. In 1862, Banting consulted Dr. William Harvey about his health condition. Harvey advised him to lower his carbohydrate intake. Like a miracle, Banting lost weight and even said that he felt his energy levels were invigorated.
With the positive results obtained from Banting, Harvey wrote about the diet. Then, Dr. Wilhelm Ebstein, a Germna physician, took it to Europe. However, he modified the diet by changing it to high-fat, low-carbs. He realized that the key was to replace carbs with fat and not protein.

However, Biz News reports that there is a controversy rising from what the diet should be called. Some experts say that it is more appropriate to call the diet ‘Ebstein’ or Ketogenic. Some even question its capability to help lose unwanted weight as being unscientific and dangerous.

According to Paleo Power, Banting diet is winning the favor of various weight-loss enthusiasts. One of them is Prof. Tim Noakes, a German scientist who claimed that he felt much better and even lost so much weight after trying out the diet. Noakes used to have type 2 diabetes and other diseases.

A recent study said that obesity rate is growing tremendously all over the world, particularly among teenagers. Fortunately, obese teens who decide to undergo liposuction and other surgeries under the knife have recorded good results. Experts hope that through the promotion of Banting diet all over the world, the effort to lower and minimize the obesity rate will be minimized.

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