Square Enix And Marvel Confirms Collaboration For 'The Avengers Project' Games Series

Square Enix and Marvel Entertainment have finally let the cat out of the bag. The two famous entertainment brand companies have finally made announced that they will be collaborating to make a new series of games. They will be calling it “The Avengers Project”.

Square Enix and Marvel Entertainment had recently made heads turn after the two names in the entertainment industry suddenly separately declared that they will be making important announcements. And it just happened that they scheduled the said important announcements on the same date. People then got curious and speculated that the two companies are making an announcement regarding a joint project.

It turns out that the speculations were half right as Marvel Entertainment will be working with Square Enix to develop a new series of games that stars The Avengers in what they have decided to call “The Avengers Project”. People only got half of the rumors right because they thought that Square Enix was gearing up to tell to the public that Marvel will be in the latest and upcoming “Kingdom Hearts III” video game. This notion was backed up by the reason that since Disney bought rights to the Marvel comic books and movies and with the former already being a main feature in the “Kingdom Hearts” franchise, it was likely possible that the latter would also appear in the game.

But it was actually a different story and a better one since people will not just be getting one game but more in the future, which Square Enix and Marvel Entertainment has yet to tell on just how many games they are planning to release within this “The Avengers Project” series. Along with the announcement, Marvel Entertainment released a trailer and it looks stellar, knowing that Square Enix had a hand in it. With the looks of the trailer, this collaboration has been on the table quite some time now.

The trailer teases the main weapons of some of The Avengers including Captain America, Thor, and Iron Man and is paired with a narration that goes to say that the world needs heroes and they just need to reassemble. The teaser emphasized the word reassemble and used it as a tag, which would probably mean that this will be the first story of the game series. Fans of both franchises are already thrilled and looking forward to seeing what’s going to be out while these two companies are already developing the games that are scheduled to be released until 2018.

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