'Death Stranding': Hideo Kojima Will Not Focus on Creating Sexualized Characters

Hideo Kojima explains why he will limit creating sensual and voluptuous-looking characters similar to Quiet from Metal Gear 5. On a different note, the developer has never made any projects similar to Death Stranding in his entire career.

Back during his final days at Konami, many critics pointed out Kojima's decisions of oversexualizing the character Quiet from MGS5. Her revealing outfit left very little to the imagination but the developer promised that there would be a substantial reason to why she was dressed that way. Even so, many fans were unsatisfied with the explanation to why her outfit was so revealing.

Hideo Kojima to Bring in Substantial Female Characters in Death Stranding

For his upcoming project, it seems like Kojima will be taking a different direction when it comes to his character designs, as per GamingBolt. The developer is now asserting that his future female characters will not be unnecessarily sexualized. He claimed that he wants to avoid the trend of characters with big breasts but lack back story.

Instead, he wants to focus on providing more deep backgrounds to his upcoming figures. However, if he ever decides to create characters like Quiet, he will make sure to provide more notable reasons for their appearance. Despite his allegation, the developer has yet to announce any female characters for his upcoming game.

That aside, GameSpot reports that Kojima's latest installment is something completely new, even to him. Similarly, he aims for the project to be something that gamers have never played before. In line with this, the developer wants people to view him as someone who likes to try new things - a risk-taker. He is also determined to try different strategies and formulas even if it means losing some of his fans.

Furthermore, Hideo Kojima mentioned that people always remember bands who change their music and take risks. These musicians constantly update their tracks to adapt and evolve through the ages. While they might lose some of their followers, new ones will always take their place. In spite of this, only time will tell if Death Stranding is worth the risk.

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