Pokemon Sun And Moon Update: Mega Stones Cannot Be Transferred To Pokemon Bank

The Pokemon Company has recently launched an update for both Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon. The new update brings Pokemon Bank system support. As reported, it allows players to transfer their Pokemon from older game versions into Pokemon Sun and Moon. However, it was confirmed that Pokemon holding an item cannot be transferred to the Pokemon Bank.

As seen on the official Pokemon Bank FAQ page, if a player wishes to proceed with the transfer, the held item will either forcibly sent back to the player's inventory or automatically deleted if the inventory is full. As a result, Mega Stones from previous games cannot be transferred to Sun and Moon. Furthermore, even in older games and the Pokemon Bank, Pokemon Sun and Moon players cannot receive all Mega Evolutions without those stones.

Given that the Mega Stones being non-transferrable via the Pokemon Bank, players still have another way to acquire Mega Evolution native in Pokemon Sun and Moon. However, they may have to compete in the Battle Frontier to earn some Battle Points or conduct specific trainer battle against Red, as The BitBag reported.

Meanwhile, players can either purchase Mega Stones available at the Battle Frontier shop which costs 64 BP or win a fight against Red to receive some free Mega Stones as a reward. However, it is worth noting that Pokemon Sun and Moon do not have all the Mega Stones. A Reddit user named Mistrauss uploaded an image showing the list of Mega Stones found in the game. These stones are Gengarite, Scizorite, Pinsirite, Aerodactylite, Lucarionite, Kangaskhanite and Gyaradosite.

Since Mega Evolution choices are incomplete in the game, it becomes a valuable option in a team. This system massively boosts the stats of a particular Pokemon during battle which is enough to overpower the opposing team. In addition, unlike Alolan forms, Mega Evolutions can make a Pokemon with maxed out stats to receive additional stats rather than mixing its Pokemon type.

As of the moment, it seems like Pokemon Bank is not the solution for completing the Mega Evolution in Pokemon Sun and Moon. It is highly recommended that players should wait for future announcements regarding the remaining Mega Stones.


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