The Google Pixel 2 Has Been Finally Leaked: Could It Meet Expectations?

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Considering how intense is the smartphone world, it wouldn't be a surprise to think that many customers were already thinking about a successor when the Google Pixel phones were considered as one of the greatest mobile devices last year, given the fact that releasing a new version of an important model is a tactic that most important brands have done since many years ago. Fortunately, new leaks reveal that this is what happened with the search giant since it´s known that the Google Pixel 2 will be a reality.

The Google Pixel 2 Would Be Waterproof

According to Tech Radar, senior editor at 95o5Google Stephen Hall revealed that the Google Pixel 2 could be a much-upgraded version of its predecessor, which might be something quite outstanding considering that this mobile device was compared with the Galaxy S7, which was considered as the greatest mobile device of 2016. In fact, is believed that this would be Google´s biggest bet in the smartphone business, considering that its previous creation ended up excelling customers´ expectations.

According to his leaks, the Google Pixel 2 might be waterproof, which is something that many customers didn't understand why the previous version didn't have, considering that many mobile devices were equipped with this feature. In any case, is believed that this was one of those kinds of mistakes that smartphone makers do with its first product, since the search giant apparently wanted to prioritize the camera over being water resistant, which even when it made some customers feel disappointed, the camera end up being one of the greatest characteristics of the mobile device.

The Google Pixel 2´s Camera Would Be Quite Controversial

Apparently, the company now wants to wear the Google Pixel 2 with the latest trends in smartphone business, and in addition to the waterproofing, it has been reported that in the last days, Google has been testing out a few new processors for this mobile device, from Qualcomm, Intel and possibly Taiwanese chipset manufacturer MediaTek. Of course, although it will be something incredible, it will have to struggle a lot to surprise the customers in this specific field, considering that the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor will be o many smartphones when the Google Pixel 2 is finally released.

Regarding the camera, the leaks suggest that this will be the most divisive field in the Google Pixel 2, since it´s quite possible that the camera may not come with great megapixels, but could include some features to make up for it, that could mean different filters or shooting modes, and the possibility of taking improved low-light photos. Naturally, this will be something that will gain extreme reactions from the customers, given the fact that while some of these will love it, some others would definitely hate it.

As reported by the International Business Times, although the search giant has confirmed the existence of this mobile device, the Google Pixel 2 is expected to be released in October this year, which would be a quite interesting time for this phone to see light, considering that at this moment the Galaxy S8 and iPhone 8 will be already in the market.

Nevertheless, it´s believed that the Google Pixel 2 might be much more expensive than its predecessor, which seems as a really bold move from the company, considering that usually, the successor of a specific model tends to have the same price. In any case, although it´s too soon to make any kind of prediction, the Google Pixel 2 will definitely become one of the most famous mobile devices this year.

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