T-Mobile's iPhone 5 Can Be Jailbroken With Evasi0n

The wait for T-Mobile subscribers has finally come to an end as the carrier recently released its variant of the iPhone 5. The smartphone has already met with a fantastic response and looks set to boost T-Mobile's sales revenue.

"Today (April 12) has been gangbusters for T-Mobile. We experienced lines out the door this morning at nearly all of our almost 3,000 stores nationwide," revealed T-Mobile's Chief Marketing Officer Mike Sievert to AllThingsD, on the device's first day success.

While T-Mobile's marketing officer is happy, customers who purchase the iPhone 5 from the carrier are going to be elated. Why you ask? Well, per reports, the T-Mobile variant of the iPhone 5 is jailbreak-ready. The smartphone, apparently, can easily be jailbroken with the aid of the untethered evasi0n jailbreak.

The much-awaited evasi0n jailbreak for iOS 6.1 was released by evad3rs earlier in February and accounted for over 10,000 downloads within 10 minutes of release!

According to an International Design Times report, the iPhone 5 willl be on stock iOS 6, which will make the iDevice jailbreak ready. Upgrading to iOS 6.1 will be optional for users.

What's more, those looking to purchase the iPhone 4S or iPhone 4 from T-Mobile will also have much to cheer about as they too will come with iOS 6 out of the box, making the phones evasi0n jailbreak-ready as well.

"Guess what folks! Good news! Looks like T-Mobile iPhone 5, 4S and 4 will be iOS 6 evasi0n jailbreak ready as according to two T-Mobile representatives I spoke to today, the iPhones will all come equipped with iOS 6.0," notes the International Design Times report.

However, if you are looking to pick up an iPhone from T-Mobile and later want to update your device's software, confirm the iOS version first. Apple released three updates for iOS 6 –– iOS 6.1.1, 6.1.2 and 6.1.3; however, while the first two can be jailbroken with the help of the evasi0n jailbreak, the last one 6.1.3 cannot as of now.

Moreover, it seems unlikely that iOS 6.1.3 will get a jailbreak as Pod2G, a key member of the Evad3rs team responsible for the jailbreak, tweeted that he would not be working on a jailbreak for such a small update and would rather wait for iOS 7.

"We are not working on a 6.1.3 jailbreak, that would be too much efforts for a minimal update. We're waiting for a major release," tweeted Pod2G at the time.

With the T-Mobile iPhone 5 jailbreak-ready, will you be tinkering with your smartphone?

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