Sony Reveals $355 'PlayStation 4 Pro', Available For Limited Time Only

Just days after the scarcity of the PlayStation 4 Pro deals has been confirmed, a second offer has just popped up that is totally worth a look. As of now, a deal has struck for the PS4 Pro, where you can purchase the console for $370 on eBay.

New deal For PlayStation 4 Pro

According to GameSpot, this deal came from highly rated seller antonline and it even features free shipping. Starting now until 8 P.M. PT today, January 26, you can also have the chance to use the promo code CJANUARY15OFF to take an additional $15 off, dropping to an eye-catching $355.

Also keep in mind that you may not be paying additional tax, which offers more savings over buying the system in any other place. If you would prefer some free games, Newegg's eBay store is still offering the PlayStation 4 Pro + two games that feature PS4 Pro enhancements, for $400.

You can, again, use the CJANUARY15OFF promo code with this particular deal to bring it down to $385.

About The PlayStation 4 Pro

According to ArsTechnica UK, unlike any other console, the PlayStation 4 Pro is different. As you might already know from several coverages and reviews online, the PlayStation 4 Pro represents more of a split between the current era of the PS4 rather than a complete break from what came prior.

Sony has already pointed out that every console game that it will create or license for the foreseeable future will be running on both the original PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation 4 Pro, making them essentially a single platform from a software perspective.

The promise and guarantee, though, according to Sony, is that those games will be looking and performing way better on the PS4 Pro hardware. With the PS4 Pro, games will be sporting higher resolution, better frame rates, and more detailed in-game character, models.

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