E-Cigarette Age Limit Makes Pregnant Teens Smoke Cigarette

E-cigarette use has been rising in many people especially in teens. However, not all could use it as there is an age limit as to who could use e-cigarettes. E-cigarette age limit makes pregnant teens smoke cigarette as an alternative to it.

E-cigarettes are supposed to be an alternative to cigarette and tobacco. However, with an age limit in place in the use of e-cigarettes, teens have been turning to tobacco and cigarette, the very things e-cigarettes have been designed to replace. This is especially seen in the rise of cigarette use among pregnant teens.

A 19.2 percent increase has been observed in the use of cigarettes among pregnant teens. This is both in underage as well as of age teens. The study has also shown that there has been a 13.8 percent of cigarette use among underage pregnant teens.

Traditional cigarette sales limit is also in force for teens. The study has observed though that e-cigarette limits have been more binding for teens than cigarette sales, which explains why teens switch to cigarettes. E-cigarettes have been used by pregnant teens to lessen stress during pregnancy. Without it, they turn more to cigarettes for it.

Janet M. Currie, co-author of the study and a Henry Putnam Professor for Economics and Public Affairs has said that cigarette use declines during pregnancy. Because of a limit in e-cigarette use though this decline has slowed down as pregnant teens use cigarettes as substitute. 2014 has been the start when teens switched from cigarettes to e-cigarette use.

With the rise in e-cigarette use among teens, several states have begun to regulate e-cigarette purchase for teens, according to the Woodrow Wilson School's site. This has then increased in the use of cigarette among teens. This has especially affected many pregnant teens.

The policy on limiting e-cigarette use has been hard for the youngest pregnant teens. States that have e-cigarette age limit have higher incidence of cigarette use in pregnant teens, as Science Daily reports. Currie has said that something better than e-cigarettes should be made for pregnant teens.

As e-cigarette use has become more popular, many states are limiting its use among teens. E-cigarette age limit makes pregnant teens smoke cigarette. A study has also found that gym membership is good for the health.

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