Apple Watch 3 2017: What We Know So Far

The Apple Watch 3 topic may still be in its early stages, but there has already been quite a number of information that has spread about the upcoming smartwatch. Needless to say, this wearable may not be released very soon. It may take at least a year from its predecessor's release before it could be showcased by Apple.

Apple Watch 3: Early Rumors

As per Tech Radar, there is a new patent that suggests that Apple will be releasing a much thinner Apple Watch. This will allegedly be made possible by the use of modular functionalities in the wristband. It was said that extra battery or other functionalities could be installed into the links of the wrist part of the watch, making the main part of the Apple Watch less bulky than usual. Nevertheless, this patent may or may not be for the upcoming Apple Watch 3 as it could also be for an Apple Watch in the farther future, although of course, this feature is an interesting addition nonetheless.

As per Mac World, there may not be a lot of changes on the design of the Watch 3. But there could be new colors that will be introduced alongside different straps. Additionally, the Apple Watch 3 may finally come with a camera that will be able to receive FaceTime calls. Needless to say, this has already been rumored in the previous Apple Watch but did not materialize, so there is no certainty that it will finally do so with the Watch 3. Of course, fans want to get a FaceTime camera on the new Watch so hopefully, Apple can deliver.

Apple Watch 3 Release Date

Considering the difficult-to-asses Apple Watch release cycle, it's still hard to predict when the Apple Watch 3 would be released. It's worth noting that the past Apple Watch devices did not have a 12-month cycle. Instead, it took more than a year for the new one to be released. With that said, the Apple Watch 3 could be launched late 2017 or early 2018. The earliest it can arrive is during the next iPhones' launch, and this is expected to occur September 2017.

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