2017 Chevrolet Colorado: Punching Above Its Weight

2017 Chevrolet Colorado: Punching Above Its Weight
The 2017 Chevrolet Colorado's returning V6 engine has become a bit more powerful than the last. Photo : AutoChannel/YouTube

The 2017 Chevrolet Colorado is back for another year and this time, it can punch above its weight. The 2017 Chevrolet Colorado is a compact pickup truck but it is certainly right up there with its heavyweight counterparts in terms of performance.

2017 Chevrolet Colorado: A Bit More Powerful Engine

The V6 engine from last year is back but this time, it is a bit more powerful. However, you should not get your hopes up too high as the power gain is really just a little bit. The 3.6-liter V6 engine in the upper trim has gained 3 horsepower and 6 pound-feet of torque for a total of 308 and 275 respectively. This is paired with a new eight-speed automatic transmission that is said to give the 2017 Chevrolet Colorado a better driving performance than the previous version.

Accordingly, the base trim is equipped with a 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine that delivers 200 horsepower and 191 pound-feet of torque, which is just right if you don't plan on doing some heavy-duty works. A 2.8-liter Duramax turbodiesel is also available and it can put out 181 horsepower.

2017 Chevrolet Colorado: Fuel Efficiency

Needless to say, fuel efficiency is never a factor you can take out of the equation. In this regard, you will find that 2017 Chevrolet Colorado to be quite the competitor. The fuel efficiency of the gas engines are considered to be average compared to its competitors but its turbodiesel engine tells a different story. The base engine is has a range of 20 and 26 miles per gallon in the city and on the highway. The V6 engine on the other hand has a lower range with only 18 and 25 miles per gallon capability. The turbodiesel engine of course, has the best range of 22 and 30 miles per gallon in the city and on the highway respectively.

2017 Chevrolet Colorado: The Right Pickup For The Right Price

The 2017 Chevrolet Colorado is considered one of the best pickup trucks in the segment but unlike most of its competitors, you won't have to break the bank to own one. The 2017 Chevrolet Colorado is available in four different trims from the base followed by WT, LT and the top trim Z71. The base trim has a price of $20,055 while the rest of the trims have prices of $23,080, $26,625 and $29,160 respectively. Depending on your needs and preference, certain upgrades like going for all-wheel drive (AWD) setting or Extended Cab models will increase the price.

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