Ragnarok Mobile: Guide to Changing Jobs

Ragnarok Online is one of the best online games that touched the hearts of many players, Many years had already passed but still, no online player doesn't know what "Ragnarok" is. Now Ragnarok already made it's way back on mobile.  

Changing jobs from Novice to 1st job class is a bit different from the old version of Ragnarok Online, Though there is no English patch yet, Ragnarok Moble is still fun to play.

The first thing you need to do is reach Novice Job level 10 for you to be able to change into either one of the first job classes (swordsman, thief, acolyte, archer or mage)

After reaching Novice Job level 10, job change quest will be triggered by the Knight NPC located at the south of Prontera (Novice Starting Area) keep in mind that you should not accept any quest prior to changing job class. the only thing that you need to do is just enter the castle then your character will automatically approach the Grand NPC.

After talking to the Grand NPC you can now choose what class you want to be, you can select a different class that you selected on character creation, just talk to the npc which has the same job you want to be.

Take note that after choosing you won't be able to change the job you selected.

The NPC that you selected will ask you three questions you can select "X" or "O" to answer the question, failing to give the right answer will just repeat the question asked so just keep trying until you get the right answer.

After giving the right answer you will be warped into a different location. you need to kill all monsters that will spawn in that area. so be sure to carry potions before doing this quest

After defeating all the monsters you'll be warped back to the castle, talk to the NPC that you selected to change your job, then you'll be warped on a hallway, walk straight then talk to the npc at the very end.

Congratulations! you already finished the quest.

Changing Jobs is different from the old version of Ragnarok Online

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