Microsoft Could Use Cloud To Enable One Operating System For All Devices

Microsoft may be close to granting every tech fan's wish that has long been hoped for.

Just last week according to Digital Trends, unnamed sources were claiming that Microsoft is working on an "adaptive shell" for Windows 10. The Proper name of this "adaptive shell" is "Composable Shell" or "CSHELL." And the purpose for this new shell is to let the Windows 10 Platform to properly scale out across PC, mobile, consoles, HoloLens, and embedded devices.

As of now, devices running on Windows 10 do share the same core component but differs on the surrounding operating system on each class of devices. So, with the help of this "adaptive" shell or "Composable Shell" (its proper name), it would mean a complete Windows 10 package that is capable of adjusting to the required screen size, form factor, and target computing environment.

This also means the possibility of having one operating system for all devices and Microsoft's promise fulfilled. That is of course if this rumor is true.

A New Leak

This week, a rumor has resurfaced. This time it is a new shell which was mentioned on a document and referred to as "Cloud Shell." Regarding this new shell, there are only two things known about it. First is, it is said to be a lightweight version of Windows 10 designed for the modern computing world. And second, this new shell could be introduced sometime in 2017.

The Rumor Mill

Now, because of this new leak, many speculations and theories have been formulated. But for this article, only two will be mentioned.

First, the Composable Shell or CSHELL and the Cloud Shell could be one. However, some may argue that in the document, it was referred to as a "lightweight," meaning it could be a lighter version of the Composable Shell. But then again, without any solid evidence to support this claim, one can only speculate until further information is released and also if the document is true.

The second theory is that this cloud-based version shell was intended for the Surface Phone from day one. It has been long rumored that Microsoft has been planning to build a smartphone that has all the reminiscence of a laptop.

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