Mobile Legends: Ultimate Guide For Alucard, The Beast Is Unleashed

Currently, there are at least 20+ characters in the massive game, Mobile Legends: onBang Bang. All of them are unique and have contrasting style. They are the best at their craft but there are certain heroes that stand out.

Choosing a hero in this game is very critical. There are certain things that are available to a specific hero that can’t be done in every hero. Most of the beginners usually use a ranged type hero like Layla due to variety of reasons. First, having a ranged type hero means that you have time to experiment and verify how the game is played. Second, ranged type is easy to control. Lastly, this heroes are fascinating to use.

Alucard: The Demon Hunter

However, if you want an action packed game with non stop offense, you have to choose the Demon Hunter. He is known for many names due to his history but he is simply called Alucard. Alucard is very interesting character in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. He is one of the original members in the lengthy list of heroes. Players tagged him as the most aggressive hero in the game today.

During the initial installation of the game, a lot of players were mesmerized when they saw Alucard. For those who are familiar of Castlevania, you know what we are talking about. Alucard is a push type fighter. With that said, he is very effective in close encounter whether he is facing a minion or a hero.

He is a master of offensive attack and devastating blows. Alucard is on top 5 of the most efficient killers  in the game today. Every time he draws his sword spells trouble to opposing heroes. The best part of Alucard is his life steal. This is the reason behind why this characters is not scared in diving in into a team battle. The only weakness of Alucard is, he has very low defense.

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