Pokemon Sun And Moon: New 6IV Ditto Guide And Where To Find Him

Apparently, when Game Freak activated the much-anticipated app Pokebank in Pokemon Sun and Moon, some of the characters are not properly transported. Numerous players have already reported about it especially when they got the naming convention wrong.

There were numerous attempt to try transporting such Pokemon but to no avail, it didn’t work. Luckily, the famed YouTuber was able to share multiple tips on how to get this Pokemon. He also revealed the possibility of getting a high IV Pokemon. In this case, it will be Ditto, who was reported to have at least 6IV once transferred.

Ever since the app was released, almost all of the players tried to experiment on who they can transfer and how great their impact be once they are in Pokemon Sun and Moon. In a recent thread on the unofficial page or Pokemon Sun and Moon. They were able to enumerate the most sought through Pokemon that needed to be transferred in Pokemon Sun and Moon.

Most of them are legendary Pokemon and Glitch Pokemon. The most intriguing part would be Missingno and Mew. The same YouTuber who provided first some wonderful insights about the Pokebank had some issues with this Glitch Pokemon. As seen on the video, he tried to transport these Pokemon but it won’t show on the active game, until yesterday.

Why Players Need Ditto?

We often encounter this question to all newbies of the game. Why Ditto? He’s not a legendary Pokemon, so why do you have to catch him? Ditto is not the strongest, not even a legendary Pokemon. However, he is very special. Ditto is one of a kind Pokemon is such a way that once he is unleashed in the battleground, he will mimic or copy every hero’s ability. Basically like an identical twin or a living mirror.

When Pokebank began, numerous players were able to get hold of 5IV to 6IV Ditto. Most of them went to a new route which is considered to be the best place to catch Ditto. Route 23 indigo plateau victory road is by far the ideal place to catch him. The numbers are very staggering compared to other areas. Route 23 gives you 30% to catch him while another place like route 13 is at around 10%.

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