Ikea Chairs Recalled After Causing Fingertip Amputations

A recall of certain Ikea chairs have been issued on Friday after reports of fingertip amputations. The colorful beach chairs could suddenly collapse which could cause the user to fall or have their fingers sliced off. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission announced the recall on about 33,400 MYSINGSÖ chairs due to "fingertip amputation hazard".

There have been at least 13 incidents of the chair collapsing reported worldwide. Out of the 13, 10 resulted to minor injuries, and 6 in fingertip amputations.Three of the incidents were from the US, including one of the fingertip amputations, said the commission.

Ikea have given out a list of the chairs being recalled with the product labels and numbers. Consumers can find the labels on the wooden frame sewn into the fabric for the product number. The Ikea chairs recall comes a few days after the company reported five incident coming from Finland, Germany, USA, Denmark, and Australia, the CBS Sacramento  says.

The company explained that the beach chair collapsed was “due to incorrect re-assembly.” The company further stated that it is possible to re-assemble the chair incorrectly after washing the fabric sheet which leads to risks of falls or finger entrapments. Ikea also state recently that it has improved the beach chair’s design to lessen the risks of incorrect re-assembly after the product went through testing and a full investigation, the Buzzfeed News  reports.

The redesigned chair will be displayed in Ikea stores in February 2017. Last year, the retailer recalled millions of dressers after they were found to be responsible to the deaths of three toddlers. The families of three toddlers who were crushed to death by the Ikea dressers filed a lawsuit  resulting to $50 million tentative settlement, while no reports of settlements have been made yet about the victim of Ikea chairs.

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