Samsung Galaxy Note 3: 5 Reasons To Keep Your Galaxy Note 2

We're all looking forward to the imminent release of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. There's been a great deal of hype surrounding the new smartphone or "phablet," as it's being called (thanks to a far larger screen than most phones) and it's no wonder why.

First of all, Samsung has become a master at creating such hype. As we've seen with huge product events like the one the mobile manufacturer put together for the "next big thing" Samsung Galaxy S4 Unpacked event in Times Square, or the general proliferation of all things Samsung, there's no doubt that more people know about the forthcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 3 than, say, some of the new releases coming from Microsoft (which is notably more mute on pre-promotion).

But more importantly, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 sounds like the kind of smartphone worth waiting for, or even worth trading up for. But what about trading "up"? It may be worthwhile to consider that as awesome as the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 might be, we may still want to hold fast to our Note 2. Here are some thoughts on why:

FIVE: The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is still going strong.

There's no question that the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 was and is a terrific success among both analysts and phone fanboys alike. The Note 2 sold more than three million units within its first 37 days on the market and hit the five million mark in less than two months.

With the Galaxy Note 2 being such a heralded device, there's already some speculation across the Web about whether or not the release of the Galaxy Note 3 (along with other prime Samsung devices coming out, like the Galaxy S4) will actually sway people away from their Note 2. With so many amazing features integrated into the Note 2, there's definitely room here for the old adage of, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."

It will certainly be interesting to see how many Samsung Galaxy Note 2 users agree when the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 comes out.

FOUR: The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 may be metal instead of plastic.

Being that Samsung is also known for putting out devices that have been boldly made from a hard plastic as opposed to glass or metal like other companies' devices, there's been a great deal of surprise in the media world as we've learned the company may now be releasing the Galaxy Note 3 in metal.

This would also mean a possible full new design for the Galaxy Note 3. Not to mention, going from metal to plastic would mean the Note 3 would not be nearly as lightweight as its predecessors and would also not be nearly as comfortable to handle or "pocketable," as Gotta Be Mobile puts it.

This may just be the "ain't broke/don't fix it" aphorism again, but seeing as Samsung is reportedly already releasing the Galaxy S4 in its favorite material — plastic [story] — it does make one wonder what a metal Samsung Galaxy Note device will be like. Sure, we all want a better, stronger, more durable device out of the Note 3, but for a company that seems to specialize in plastic, perhaps we need to be cautious here. Michael Bay, for example, really knows his commercials (those Got Milk promos from the '90s are iconic). But let him make an actual feature and it's a huge, stinky mess worthy of insult from everyone from Trey Parker to stars of his own films.

So, too, here with Samsung. Will the company know how to properly produce a metal device after so many made from plastic?

THREE: The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 may have way too big a screen for a smartphone.

The Galaxy Note 3 is already being called a "phablet," which is all well and good; but really, how big a screen does one need before he can just admit the dang thing is a tablet? We had some fun with this idea with the screen size of the Galaxy S4 possibly being "too damn big" itself back during the Unpacked event in March.

In all seriousness, though, how big a screen for a smartphone is too big, affectionate euphemism "phablet" aside? Whether the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 turns out to have a 5.9-inch screen or a 6.3-inch screen, they're both pretty darn big when it comes to display specs, and it will lead us to have to decide on whether we want a phablet/phone, or whatever you want to call it, that is so big you have to use two hands. Plus, there's that "pocketable" question once again. Otherwise, why not just forget the "pha" and get a "tablet"?

TWO: The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 may falter under Samsung's release schedule.

One of the things that sets Samsung apart from many other mobile device manufacturers out there today is its ability to (seemingly) effortlessly release device after device after device. Right now we're talking about at least the imminent releases of the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, not to mention the very recently released Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0.

Now, on one hand, this is just great. If I'm an investor, I'm looking at Samsung. And being that the company is also the most successful mobile manufacturer in the world, we know their devices can do what they need to do. Samsung undoubtedly has a stellar record.

But does that mean Samsung might be getting a bit cocky? There's no other way to put it. We've seen this happen already with Apple and it's hard to remember the day when BlackBerry used to own the mobile market. The fact is, giants must fall, and though there's no reason to believe Samsung's time is coming soon, it does make one wonder whether or not the prodigious speed at which the company is releasing products means those with the definitely successful (and well-performing) Samsung Galaxy Note 2 may want to be a little wary about trading up to the Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

ONE: Price is everything.

This one's a no-brainer.

Let's be honest: The fact is that when a product is first released, it's obviously way more expensive than when it's been out for a while (even a few months). Price deals come almost immediately after a device has been out for a bit, and with the economy still flailing for however long it will continue flailing for, one does have to wonder, "Should I stick with what I have now or should I forego this month's grocery bill for a new phone that at best may be a little better than the awesome thing I've got already?"

Then again, it's the fun Catch-22 that if you wait too long for a good price on your Samsung Galaxy Note 3, considering Samsung's speedy release schedule (SEE # TWO), you'll already be sitting there waiting for the next great Note device.

Decisions, decisions, decisions!

What do you think? Are you sticking with your Samsung Galaxy Note 2 no matter what, or are you already enticed to see what the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has in store? Let us know in the comments below!    

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