Mass Effect Andromeda News: Who Will Be The Characters In The Game? Here's The Details

BioWare just released a video detailing the characters of its upcoming RPG, Mass Effect Andromeda. The players were shocked because they thought that these details will not be revealed. But they were glad that they now have an have idea on who will they be encountering in the adventure game.

Who Are The Characters In Mass Effect Andromeda?

BioWare said that Mass Effect Andromeda's main character will be Scott and Sara Ryder. The latest video released by the developer also revealed that the main characters' father, Alec, will be in the game. According to Game Rant, he will be the captain of the Pathfinder team.

He will be the one responsible for training the Pathfinder as they set off to the Andromeda galaxy. As per Kit Guru, as the team travels in Andromeda galaxy, they will encounter Kett who is led by the Archon.

In the latest video of Mass Effect Andromeda, the narrator is Cora Harper. Fans are guessing that she will be the successor of Alec in supervising the team. Although they have some questions on where did she come from and how is she connected to the game.

Cora Harper's Role In Mass Effect Andromeda

According to PC Gamer, Cora Harper is the mysterious character in Mass Effect Andromeda that caused the fans to research what will be her role in the game. The players are asking what is her connection to Jack Harper, who is known as the Illusive Man.

Cora might be a descendant of the Illusive Man because Mass Effect Andromeda is set 100 years after Mass Effect 3. Jack Harper is the leader of Ceberus and Alec Ryder is interested in the artificial intelligence, which is the reason why the new character is part of the Pathfinder team.

Mass Effect Andromeda will be released on March 21. BioWare is determined to make sure that the game will gain profits by carefully selecting what details will be revealed. Hopefully, the players are right about their guess on who is Cora Harper.

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