World Of Warcraft Guide: Here Are 5 Easy Ways To Make Gold In WoW

World Of Warcraft Guide: Here Are 5 Easy Ways To Make Gold In WoW
The medium of currency in World of Warcraft is gold. If you want to win in this game, you need to know how to make or get them. Photo : World of Warcraft/YouTube

Gold is very important in World of Warcraft because if you don't have it, you won't be able to reach anything in this game. But with ample amounts of gold, you can buy all the skills that you want and all the other things that you need to level up in this game. So, if you are searching for easy ways to make gold in this game, read this article because it will show how this is done.

Choose Gathering Professions To Collect Materials

By choosing the best Gathering Professions in World of Warcraft, you will be able to collect the materials that you can use to make items. In harvesting such materials, the best professions are mining, herbalism, enchanting and skinning. It would help if you will also select fishing and cooking because they will not be counted against your limit of only two professions.

A good strategy is to drop one profession if you have already leveled up your skills. Replace it by jewel crafting, leatherworking or blacksmithing wherewith you can create some items. In World of Warcraft, Gathering Professions rules everything. It pays off more than trading professions. This strategy is still the reason for the success of rich players.

Get Gold In World Of Warcraft By Soloing 25-man Cataclysm Raids

If you will resort to soloing Cataclysm raids, your chances of fully funding your World of Warcraft Token purchases monthly will greatly increase. Try to get more characters with you so your raids will be successful. If you conduct these raids several times each week, the more you can amass good quantities of gold.

There are three difficulty levels in every legacy raid. The most difficult to conduct is the 25-man heroic, while the 10-man heroic/25-man normal is of medium level of difficulty. If you want to take it easy, just do the 10-man normal. But here's the catch: it is much harder to conduct a 10-man heroic in Pandaria, than a 25-man heroic in Cataclysm. Every boss that you eliminate in this mode will give you around 250 gold.

You Can Also Make Gold Through Level Mining

You may find that JC (jewel crafting) is not profitable at the start. But when you have amassed a ton of JC cuts from performing daily JCs, you will find that the cash will just keep on coming in. You can also try fishing to get gold in World of Warcraft. If you have reached level 450 in fishing, go to an isolated place in wintergrasp and continue fishing. All the fishes you catch will go to the Fish Feast. For instance, there are times when salmon will sell for about 70 g per stack.

Sell Savage Blood To Make Gold

Savage Blood is an item in World of Warcraft that you can sell for gold. It is usually obtained through the Garrison Barn or you can ask an alchemist to craft it. If you have some amount of Savage Blood you can go to the Auction House and sell it there. Before the 6.1 patch, this item sells at around 450 gold each. Some say the price has gone down a bit but it is now easy to collect. People buy this item in huge quantities so your chances of getting gold are good.

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